Welcome to my new blog, ShoddyIT.com. I’m planning to provide a better introduction in a series of posts in the coming weeks, but the story I’m writing about in my next post has piqued my interest this week, so I’m getting into the nitty gritty of things a little earlier than planned.

Brief Introduction

My aim for this blog is to write about IT (information technology), and specifically about situations where information technology goes wrong. One of my favourite excuses we see provided for IT screw ups are where we see blame ascribed to a “glitch”. I’m working in information technology for nearly 20 years, and I have never once seen a “glitch” – I have, however, seen some serious IT messes in my time, and I have seen how they happen, and how they’re covered up, explained away, or plain ignored.

About This Blog

This blog will cover such glitches that we read about in the papers (and possibly a few more that you haven’t read about). Specifically, I’ll be assessing the potential reasons for those glitches such as bad technology design, poor technology implementations, insufficient impact analysis and planning, the implications of insufficient or inaccurate data management, and the impact of inadequate IT staff, all in an attempt to discover why we end up suffering at the hands of computers, and more particularly, why it’s happening even more.

About Me

I work in technology as a business analyst – the interface between those who create the technology and software and those who make use of it. It’s my job to facilitate the development of systems and applications from both sides in order to get the best, most efficient outcome for both. And when things go wrong, it’s my job to help find out why, and to enable a fast, accurate and permanent resolution.

In my role as a business analyst, while carrying out the expected day to day tasks, I specialise in taking on the projects and issues that no one else wants, or likes, and getting results. In recent years, I’ve focused a lot on data management within IT systems, so you’ll see a lot of that here (and particularly, the topic of my first post).

I won’t ever be writing about my employers here, but I’m still going to keep my identity to myself.

What’s next?

My first blog post, at the risk of upsetting search engines straight away, will be my take on the data aspects of the recent plans by David Cameron, the UK Prime Minister, to block pornographic material on the internet.

After that premature start, I’ll post a little more on my aims for the blog, a little more about me and what I do as a business analyst, and I’ll get stuck into analysing at the computer “glitches” that we’ve been reading about recently. These will include incidents such as the Ulster Bank issues in 2012, the Three Mobile outage earlier this month, the Irish Rail payments problem, and various other banking problems blamed on glitches.

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