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What does a business analyst do?

When I wrote this introductory post recently, I described my role as a business analyst as follows:

In my role as a business analyst, while carrying out the expected day to day tasks, I specialise in taking on the projects and issues that no one else wants, or likes, and getting results.

That’s not necessarily anything that you’ll see in a job description for a business analyst, but in my opinion, if a business analyst is good at what they’ll do, they’ll end up fulfilling a role like mine. In my own simple terms, a business analyst is required to speak the non-technical business focused language of the users of IT systems, find out what they want their IT systems to do for them, validate those requirements as reasonable, accurate and feasible, and then document them in a way that the IT developers will be able to turn into something that is exactly what the users wanted and asked for.

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